Now that you have taken the first step and actually went to the gym…(easier than you thought it was right!?)….what do you do now?  You have your workout planned and you’re ready to hit the weights but you still have fear.  Why is that?  You don’t know the proper gym etiquette.  You would be surprised how many people don’t go to the gym simply because they have no clue how to conduct themselves.  Plenty of people have told me that they feel dumb when they are in the gym.  Everybody had to start as a beginner though so there is no point in having a negative feeling while at the gym because this will affect your workout. The gym is a unique environment and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed but it’s time to fix that.


Every gym has written rules.  These rules are in place to ensure member safety.  You may be familiar with most of them if you have been to a gym before.  They are common sense rules that are straight forward.  These rules are good to know but are outnumbered by the unwritten rules of the gym.


Dropping weights can potentially cause injury to members and damage equipment.  Besides that, it’s annoying.  Put them down gently.  You won’t look like a pansy.


This is a simple act of courtesy.  When you are finished using weights, return them to the rack (re-rack your weights).  Not everybody can unload numerous 45lb plates nor do they want to.  Leaving your heavy weights for somebody else to deal with doesn’t show how much of a beast you are.  In reality, it shows that you’re a douche.


Where appropriate clothing for exercise.  Jeans and open toe shoes are NOT gym attire.  If you really want to feel awkward in the gym, wear the wrong clothing and you will see the reactions.


If you sweat all over a piece of equipment, WIPE IT DOWN!!  There are sanitary wipes and sprays available to clean equipment.  You should wipe down equipment after you are completely finished with it, regardless of sweat.


Not everybody swears and it may be offensive to others.  Don’t do it.  It’s a common sense rule.


Others are waiting to use the sane equipment so move out of the way between sets.  You learned how to share as a kid so use those skills.


Nobody wants to see the gym littered with your empty water bottles.  Throw them in the trash can.  It’s not that hard.


There are some other written rules that you may see but most are the same.  More important than the written rules are the unwritten rules of the gym.  Inexperienced gym goers may not know these rules which could lead to problems.  But don’t worry, I’m about to square you away.


Don’t talk to someone when they are in the middle of a set.  It’s distracting and you will most likely be ignored.  This brings me to my next rule.


Cut the chatter!  This is one of the most annoying things in the gym.  You are there to workout.  Save you social hour for when you leave.


Don’t be a gym bully.  Nobody cares how long you’ve been working out or how big you are.  Don’t stand over somebody while they are using a piece of equipment because you’re waiting on it.  You’re going to do this to the wrong person and end up getting knocked out.


Don’t use something right next to a person if there is space available.  Nobody wants to feel crowded in the gym.  Spread out and respect other’s personal space.


If your breath smells like you ate doo-doo savers, chew some gum.  Lay off of the cologne and perfume.  Wash up before you go to the gym to limit your body odor.  Bottom line, wash your ass!


Everybody grunts or makes some kind of noise to power through tough reps, which is fine.  Don’t be that guy in there screaming during a set.  You sound like a wild animal mating and all you do is piss people off.  Keep it subtle.


Limit your time at the water fountain.  Other people are waiting to use the fountain and you should be courteous.  If there is a line for the fountain, don’t fill up you bottle!  Wait until the people in line get their quick drink and then fill it up.


It may come as a surprise but many people that go to the gym are narcissists.  That’s fine but there is a time and place for it.  Everybody is not in the gym to be a fitness model.  Do not lift your shirt up and flex in the mirror on the gym floor.  You look like a complete jackass.  We all know that you’ve worked hard to get where you are but save that for your Instagram selfies.  There is ALWAYS somebody that looks better than you.  People will be hoping you never come back if you do this.


More times than not, there will be a mirror directly behind the dumbbell rack.  This doesn’t mean pick up a set of weights, take one step back, and start lifting.  Grab your weights and move into an open area.  If your bench is close to the rack, pull it back out of the way.


The squat rack is for squats!  Every time I see somebody doing bicep curls in the squat rack, I want to give them the meanest Sweet Chin Music known to man.  Heavy rows, rack pulls, push presses, and cleans are the only other authorized exercises in the squat rack.


Everybody uses their phone for music, which is fine.  You DO NOT take phone calls on the gym floor.  Go in the hallway or outside.  But before you do, STRIP THE WEIGHT!


You shouldn’t bother anybody that is lifting anyways but if they have headphones on, leave them the hell alone.  People wear headphones to the gym for three reasons: 1) Play their choice of music 2) Drowning out background noise 3) Social repellent…There are Apex Warriors in the gym to work.  Take your social crap elsewhere.

So there you have it.  Some rules to help you survive the gym.  You should make it through your training days without being knocked out cold.  You’re welcome.


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8 Reasons Women Should Lift


Eliminate Self Sabotage



There are plenty of women that want to go to the gym to lift weights.  They get there and do a few curls or maybe a few squats and then…..stop.  Why is that?  Most women feel unsure, insecure, and possibly feel some sort of fear when lifting weights.  This is probably closely related to a lack of understanding about weight lifting.

I’ve heard numerous stories as to why women won’t lift weights: it makes women bulky, it’s dangerous, it’s bad for your joints, you can’t stop lifting or it will turn to fat.  All of that is a bunch of BS from uneducated sources.  Many women are missing out on the benefits of weight lifting and obtaining the physique that they desire.

The fact is, lifting help you live in a healthier body.  The physical and mental strengthening accompanied by weight lifting should be attained by everybody.  The confidence that you gain from lifting weights and reaching your fitness goals will change your life.  You will reach your fitness goals even faster while lifting than just doing cardio alone.

Cardio is great but it’s not enough. You have to have the balance of both cardio and weight lifting. Here are 8 REASONS WOMEN SHOULD LIFT.


As you build muscle, your body will begin to form the hourglass shape.  Endurance exercise can help you lose weight but that weight loss comes in the form of both muscle and fat.

Size and shape in your figure comes from your muscles.  You have to lift heavy in order to obtain the shape that you want. Women do not produce enough testosterone to naturally get bulky.

If you’re losing both muscle and fat, you will lose your curves.  Weight lifting will help you sustain those curves.lita


Most people only consider cardio as THE way to burn fat but weight lifting is just as effective, if not more.  Weight lifting will cause you to burn fat during AND after training.

After some heavy weight lifting, your body is consuming more oxygen hours and even days after training.  When your body uses more oxygen, it requires more calories to be expended and an increase in metabolic rate.


When you push yourself in the weight room, you can release all of that stress and pressure you had.  There is a chemical reaction in the body that releases endorphins which helps you relieve stress.

The endorphins interact with receptors in your brain which cause you to reduce your perception of pain.  Endorphins also trigger a positive reaction in the body, like morphine.  The feeling that follows a workout has been described as “euphoric”.  This “workout high” is usually followed by positive outlooks on life.


Strength training will greatly increase your sleep quality.  You will sleep deeper, longer, and wake up less often during the night.


Lifting weights can reduce the chance of heart disease and was approved as a healthy form of exercise for those at risk from the American Heart Association.  Those who lift weights are less likely to have heart disease risk factors such as: large waist circumference, high triglycerides, elevated blood pressure, and elevated glucose levels.

Weight lifting has also been shown to reduce the chance of cancer.


As you age, you are at risk of losing both bone and muscle mass.  Weight lifting is a great way to combat this loss and helps prevent osteoporosis.


The endorphins released during exercise will help you be in a better mood.  Researchers found that people that completed three weight workouts a week for six months significantly improved their mood and were less angry.


The element of being able to physically see what you’re capable of doing will increase your confidence tremendously.  The empowered feeling that a woman gets from lifting heavy weights or performing a perfect pushup is a major confidence booster.  When you like the body that you have, your confidence is higher…period.7-reasons-why-women-must-lift-weights-1024x682

Everybody wants to feel strong and confident in everything we do.  Weight lifting can help create that feeling in a shorter amount of time and impact every aspect of your life in a positive way.  Ladies, not only should you lift…you should lift HEAVY.

Shape your body today!

Eliminate Self Sabotage

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Eliminate Self Sabotage


We all have hopes and dreams that we want to fulfill but many of us don’t act on them.  We see something that we want but instead of going to get it, we simply do nothing.  Take a second and think about your friends.  In every group of friends, there is that one person that always has an excuse for every situation.  I’m sure everybody has heard something along these lines before:

  • “Why won’t he/she text me back?” (Maybe because you seem over eager and got put in the friend zone.)
  • “Man I hate my job” (This person says this on a daily basis yet they have done nothing to change it.)
  • “I’ll meet yall there…” (When in reality he/she has no intentions of being there because of whatever excuse.)
  • “I need to hit the gym” (Instead of going, they will make excuses of being too busy but they sit at home watching tv. They also say they can’t afford it but are out at every event spending $100s each weekend)

You want to help your friend so you offer them advice and once that happens…THEY GET DEFENSIVE AND YOU’RE THE BAD GUY!!  This is all followed by the numerous excuses that you’ve heard a million times.

“Well he/she wasn’t that attractive anyways”.…”There aren’t any other jobs out there”….”I don’t have enough money”….”It’s not easy for me because I don’t have the genes you have”….”Nobody in my family is in shape”….”I’m not made like you”….followed by more and more excuses as to why they can’t do a particular task.

The biggest excuse that they give is that they are “too busy”.  This excuse is usually a cop out or they are working on stuff that doesn’t matter.  Most times, they just use this excuse because they don’t want to elaborate on what they’ve actually been doing.  They’re not alone though. Everybody has fallen victim to the “busy trap”.

After a while you start to question why you’re friends with somebody that’s so negative or makes excuses for EVERYTHING.  Let’s be honest here, we ALL have done this before.  Think of the last website or social media profile you have seen and the first thing that comes to mind is “THIS PERSON IS FULL OF CRAP!!  THERE IS NO WAY THAT WOULD WORK FOR ME BECAUSE OF (EXCUSE, EXCUSE, EXCUSE).  I HATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT.”

We all visit these sites for advice or entertainment.  We have been visiting these sites for months and maybe even years.  Yet, we still have not taken any of the advice that has been offered.  Why is that?  We will ignore the advice and create an excuse as to why it won’t work for us even when we KNOW that they are right!  We find one piece of information that doesn’t fit our current situation and throw out the other 99% that we could actually use to benefit us.  Have we really become that prideful that we are no longer able to take advice?  Do we not want to be successful!?

You’re probably reading this right now making excuses and telling yourself I don’t know what I’m talking about.  If so, that’s fine. I can’t help everybody but if I can help some, that is a success for me.  If that was the case, that I don’t know what I’m talking about and can’t help you, why have you read so much so far?? Stop the excuses and create your success.

In this day and age, people don’t take advice well.  They feel as if somebody is attacking them or trying to tell them how to run their life.  Everybody wants to be successful but people are also afraid of change.  They are afraid that this change will lead to failure.  Nobody has become successful at something without first failing or coming up short than expected.  Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many others, did not reach their levels of success without accepting advice and failing before reaching their heightened success.

These subconscious, almost automatic excuses we create, they are barriers to our success. It’s called SELF SABOTAGE.



When was the last time you had the perfect recipe for success right in front of you but YOU stopped your own success?  We do this subconsciously.  We see a result that we want.…”He/she lost a lot of weight”….”She looks great in that bikini”….”He/she has the exact same job that I want”….but I could never do that….That works for him/her but that would never work for me.  Why couldn’t you do that? You can’t do it because YOU stop yourself from doing it.

It’s easier to say no instead of making the CHANGE to create your success.  Change means work.  This change and work also means that you may have been wrong all along and we are scared to acknowledge that.  Well ACKNOLEDGE it and EMBRACE it.  Nobody gets everything right all the time.  If that were the case then there would be no purpose in living.  There would be nothing to strive for.

I am no different from you.  We are one in the same.  We are both people with aspirations to do something bigger.  Instead of always talking about what I am going to do, I do it.  I take a chance and ask for feedback.  Not only do I ask for the feedback, I USE IT.  Sounds easy, right?  Well it is.  Yet, so many of us don’t do these simple tasks we are capable of.  It’s time to go and get what you want.  No more excuses.  It’s time to take action.

What do you want to accomplish?  Maybe you want to move to a new neighborhood, city, state, or country.  Maybe you want to get a new job.  Maybe you want to create your own business.  You may want to lose weight, gain muscle, train for a fitness competition.  Whatever the case, they all include a LIFESTYLE CHANGE.  Changing your lifestyle is the basis of reaching your goals.  A lifestyle change will change your mindset which will eliminate the automatic self sabotage that you create.

The fastest way to reach a goal is to start.  Let’s eliminate self sabotage and reach your fitness goals.

Leave a comment explaining a time where you sabotaged yourself.

Don’t sabotage yourself, take action